Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sermon Podcast: How much is enough?

You'd better believe I climbed those stairs up to the pulpit extra carefully for my first sermon last Sunday! I thought I heard (maybe on my January term trip) that the International Congregation didn't use the high pulpit, but Pastor David in fact does because the whole church is kind designed for it ... unless you're sitting right in the front row (neck cramp!) it probably the easiest way for pastor and congregation to see each other in that space. I am probably going to trip at some point; I am planning to do so with good humor.
The sermon is about forgiveness, which I think is a difficult topic. I welcome your feedback, in the comments or via email. Help me learn and grow! Grab our podcast or download the sermon text or audio here.

1 comment:

Curtis and Audrey said...

wow, that is a HIGH pulpit... and it looks just like the jack in the pulpit flower :) I am so proud that you did not trip! have you thought about sliding down the banaster? you would need a clip on microphone so your wheeeeee can be heard...