Friday, June 13, 2008

Good gifts in hard times

When disasters make the news, I'm often moved to give and pray ... when disasters leave the news, I usually forget to keep giving and praying. I'm glad that ELCA Disaster Response is there for the long haul. They will be working in Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana and California long after these stories fade from the headlines. Every once and awhile I get an email update from them, gently reminding me to keep giving and praying, reminding me to stay in for the long haul, too.

Loving God, we pray for sustenance in the midst of the storm
For those facing floods in Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin
Fire in California
And recovering from tornadoes in Michigan, Iowa and Kansas
We pray for short and long term recovery of people and communities in these places
And in all places, especially Myanmar and China.
We give thanks for volunteers and relief organizations
and your constant, loving presence with those who suffer, those who sandbag, those who rebuild
And those who care for others in their loss.
May the rainbow of your promise stretch from Cedar Rapids to the Dells to Chengdu

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