Friday, June 27, 2008

My parents: Home safe and sound

My parents returned from their month in Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt yesterday. They sounded tired but happy on the phone--it is good to have them near-er again. And it will be so, so good to see them July 3 when we arrive in Chicago.

We haven't had much of a chance to debrief their trip yet, but they were occasionally able to post pictures and brief updates from Internet cafes, and from that I've gathered that they were often moved and surprised by images of peace in the midst of conflict. From the cooperation of people of different religions, to the symbolism of green and black olives growing together on the same tree, their trip seemed marked by these images of hope.

One of my favorite images from the trip, I have to admit, is this one:

It's the umbrella that cracks me up. My parents: Always cute. Always prepared.

Back to packing. We're making progress but it's still kind of hard to see. Blessed are we who cannot see the progress but have faith that this move is going to happen anyway, right? I guess that's not a matter of faith--it's a matter of our lease being up on Monday. Here I go, then.

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Sue-s said...

Cute and prepared parents + sweet and well-written daughter = happy family. It's good to be home. It will be good to welcome you and Sean "home" at the condo for your brief time in Chicagoland. It will be good for the two of you to close the door on your New Jersey home and prepare to start home-making in Bratislava. Good, tiring times. Blessings on your last two days of packing up before you head out. Lovies, Momes