Sunday, July 6, 2008

Annie and Sean: Also safe and sound

We made it!

We sold or gave away all of our furniture, Goodwill-ed or threw away or stored or packed our stuff, cleaned and moved out of our apartment, and drove from Westmont, New Jersey to Park Ridge, IL with many wonderful visits with family and a mini-vacation in Amish country along the way.

We are tired but happy, safe and excited to begin orientation on Tuesday. Sean bought two new suits, a sport coat, and great shoes to start his teaching career off right. I got a new swim suit and a great pair of jeans, which doesn't sound as impressive but those in-the-know will realize that, in terms of difficult things for Annie to shop for, this is quite an accomplishment. Also, while my parents and I do pretty well keeping close while at a distance, it makes a huge difference to actually hold them close, to hold their hands and pray "Come, Lord Jesus" with them. And to then go out as a family and see WALL-E, which was AWESOME. =)

A more complete story of our road trip is up on flickr: you can see the photos and read the narrative here. Below I've posted pics of some of the highlights. I hope I'll be back to more regular posting soon--thanks for checking in on us!

With Brian, Jill, Eli, Bella and Gus in Collingswood, NJ.

A family portrait of Andrea, Jimmy and Casey in Thorndale, PA.

Two of my beautiful cousins--Leah and Rachel--in Rochester, NY.

Me and my Grandpa Swift.

An Edison-Albright self-portrait at a rest stop in Erie, PA.

Happy to be home with the Edison-Swifts on July 4th in Park Ridge, IL.

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